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Version 2.0.0 - July 20, 2020

Below are the following changes that could be breaking changes for your site. For more details on any change, please refer to PR #154.

The major breaking change is:

  1. Users that have front matter that utilize images (backwards compatibility for featured and associated parameters still remains) will need to adjust from [images]="SRC" to the new format.
    src = "" // Link to image
    alt = "" // Alt text for image
    stretch = // Optional: See screenshots for referenced values and outcomes

If you utilize any of the following, there might be a breaking:

  1. User custom templates may require adjustment.
  2. User custom i18n languages, or custom templates referencing i18n translations may require adjustment.
  3. User custom template for comments will require adjustment if it uses the theme’s CSS and/or JS.
  4. User custom CSS may need to adjust due to a variety of class name changes and specificity changes.

While I realize this is inconvenient, I hope that it is worth it to you in the long run. Thanks for using the theme, and feel free to submit issues as needed.


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一般我們講資產配置,是指資金分配在不同類型的資產上面,不同的資產會有不同的風險跟報酬特性。比如說股票的期望報酬高但風險也高,而政府公債就是一個期望報酬低但相對而言風險也低的資產。除了股市與債市,一般人容易買進的還有黃金、商品期貨、不動產投資信託 (REITs) 等等。在這邊分析各種債券標的的優劣。

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今天想要知道發一篇笑話可以在 PTT Joke 版有多少機率鄉民們會覺得好笑,要怎麼做一個合理的模型?做出這個模型有什麼好處呢?可以寫出 PTT 優文賺 P 幣當名人自我感覺良好、讓鄉民的智慧幫你改作文練文筆 (或者可能是網軍的 KPI)。這篇文章會有點長,會從觀察資料到訓練出一個可以使用的模型,不包含 data pipeline 的建立 (例如定期更新資料、重新訓練模型),不會講模型的原理。本文所有程式碼都會放在 Github

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受到綠角的啟發,決定開一個美國證券戶來買美國 ETF 。研究了一番以後決定開在 TD Ameritrade ,主要是考慮到它會自動退某些債券 ETF 一部份的稅。雖然 TD 的手續費較高,但省去研究美國稅法以及退稅的時間金錢成本還是很划算的。就在這裡紀錄開戶到匯款的過程。