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4-Minute Read

676 words

Many economic studies discuss the relationship between income and happiness. This is not a formal economics blog, so I will not introduce them. Therefore, the research part will not be too detailed or accurate. I mainly want to talk about my own thoughts. For details of the studies, please see my references.

8-Minute Read

1551 words

There seem to be many misunderstandings about Leetcode (or algorithm problems), such as the need to memorize all Leetcode problems before going for an interview, or that algorithm problems are intelligence tests (so problem-solving ability cannot be improved through practice). Many people criticize algorithm interviews as being disconnected from work, but we have no control over how each company interviews candidates, and discussing this has no help in passing the interview. Here I want to share…

4-Minute Read

779 words

The productization of ChatGPT has set off another wave of AI fever in the world. This time, unlike AlphaGo, everyone can register for an account to play. In addition to text-generating AI, there is also image-generating AI that produces images that are indistinguishable from human works, and anyone can try it out for free. Even people who don’t know coding can easily use them, which will definitely affect the work of machine learning engineers, but I think machine learning engineers can…

7-Minute Read

1335 words

I have 6 years working experience as a machine learning engineer (though job title not exact “machine learning engineer”, but the responsibility is), started this role before the deep learning boom. My job is translate business problems into machine learning solvable problems and productionize the models with backend engineers. Sometimes, I also need to develop the data pipeline. I will share about the math that machine learning engineers need in this article.

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