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1044 words

The title uses “building” instead of “writing” because some experiences take time to prepare. For example, taking a course takes at least half a year, and longer if there are prerequisites. Competing in a Kaggle machine learning competition can take three to six months, and it’s not always possible to achieve results that are good enough to put on your resume. Deliberately building your resume in advance will give you the best chance of getting interviews when…

3-Minute Read

485 words

The models nowadays are becoming larger, especially language models. Search engines need to provide real-time results, and models on mobile devices have limited memory and computational power, requiring model lightweighting. ONNX, developed by Microsoft, is a cross-platform machine learning framework that can convert models from various frameworks (such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, etc.) into the ONNX format and perform lightweighting. This article takes a PyTorch model as an example, using ONNX to…

4-Minute Read

697 words

I recently finished reading the Elon Musk biography written by Walter Isaacson. Each chapter is a short story that allows us to understand Musk’s personality and how he accomplished all of his achievements: the commercialization of electric vehicles, world-leading self-driving technology, reusable rockets, satellite communications, and more. These are daunting feats, yet he made them happen. Musk is not a perfect person, nor does he need to be. We can try to learn from his working methods…

4-Minute Read

716 words

Recently, FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early) has become quite popular. People probably don’t like going to work. The source of income for not working is the 4% Rule, but this is actually a simplified result with dnagers.

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676 words

Many economic studies discuss the relationship between income and happiness. This is not a formal economics blog, so I will not introduce them. Therefore, the research part will not be too detailed or accurate. I mainly want to talk about my own thoughts. For details of the studies, please see my references.

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